How to create a successful email marketing funnel for your personal injury law firm

It takes time and energy to launch or maintain an email marketing campaign so you want to be sure you can attract, cultivate, and convert potential clients for your personal injury law firm. By creating a successful email marketing funnel for your efforts, you can accomplish all of these things.

What is a marketing funnel for personal injury attorneys?

A marketing funnel is a journey of sorts. It is a way of making potential clients aware that your personal law firm exists, all the way to actually becoming your client. Once you attract potential clients, you want to nurture them, and finally convert them into actually signing up with you.

How to create a successful email marketing funnel for your personal injury law firm

Keeping in mind your target audience, this is how you can create a successful email marketing funnel for your personal injury law business. 

  • The first thing you want to do, starting at the beginning of the funnel, is to select which email marketing platform you want to use. Be sure that the company you choose has template tools you can use (free, if possible), has email automation features, and one that can automatically build email sequences for you. A well-known email platform with these features is Mailchimp.
  • Create an easy to fill-out email sign-up form and include a link to the form on your website, your online ads, your social media posts, your blogs – any place you can where you have an online presence.
  • Once a subscriber signs up, send them a welcome email, thanking them for subscribing and introducing your personal injury law firm and the specific services your law office provides. You may want to have a link to the “Areas of Practice” page on your website, so that they can tell right off if your law firm deals with their area of need.
  • Just as you educate your target audience with informative blogs, you should do the same with informational emails. Your emails should highlight a particular success your law firm has had, or talk about a particular area in which your firm is focused. It can also include any news about your law firm, awards won, or new legislation. Always be certain that the information has value and is relevant to your target audience.
  • Always have a Call-To-Action (CAT) in your email so that a potential client can get in touch with you by phone, text, email, through your website, or any other contact information you normally provide.
  • If you’ve done everything right so far, you will achieve the most important part of the funnel – a conversion. When it happens that one of your subscribers has a need for a personal injury law firm’s representation, you will be the one he or she will think of first, and proceed to contact you. The end result will be that he or she comes into your office for a consultation, and then chooses to sign with you.
  • Even after your representation concludes with a settlement or judgment, keep sending the emails to your past client subscribers. You want to keep your brand top-of-mind. You never know when they may need you again or may want to refer someone to you.

Emails are a great way to create and keep your personal injury law firm top-of-mind with potential, past and current clients. Just follow the journey down the funnel and see how your law firm’s business can grow.

If you have any questions or need help creating your personal injury firm’s email marketing campaign strategy, give us a call at Group Matrix. Our experienced and professional staff can help you with any and all aspects of your marketing campaigns, both traditional and digital.