You’ve written a blog for your personal injury law firm, but now what do you do with it?

We’ve talked before about how important it is to publish new content on your personal injury law firm’s website so that you can rank higher in Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Writing frequent blogs and posting them on your website is a great way to be seen by Google and other search engines, but should you stop there? The answer is a resounding “no”!

It takes some time and effort to write a blog so you want to be able to share it and publicize its existence wherever you can. The potential benefits include increased brand awareness, a reputation of trustworthiness and experience, more website visitors and blog subscribers, and ultimately more clients.

What do you do after you’ve written your personal injury blog?

To get more readers and subscribers for your personal injury blog, there are some important ways you can promote it.

  • Keyword optimization: Focusing on the main topic(s) of your blog, use something like Google’s keyword planner, Moz Pro, or other keyword search tools to find the most popular keywords or keyword phrases to incorporate into your blog.
  • Shorten your blog’s URL:  Using tools like and, shorten your blog’s URL so it will take up less space when you post it as a link for promotion.
  • Share your blog post with your target audience: Match your target audience with the blog topic and send them either the entire blog or a link to the blog in an email.
  • Email signature: Add the link to your blog to your signature at the end of an email sent to your targeted clients.
  • Newsletters: Include your blog posts or a link to it in the e-newsletters you send out.
  • Online forums: Many social media platforms have topic forums. If your blog is relevant to the subject at hand, respond to the forum and include your blog’s URL. Also, ask for reader feedback so you can keep the topic going and your name out there.
  • Your social media platforms: Each time you post a blog, advertise it on your social media posts, being sure to include the URL.
  • Search social media topics: If you search a social media topic relating to personal injury and find something that relates to any of your personal injury law blogs, share the blog’s URL with the people who need the information.
  • Ask to post as a guest: Don’t be shy about asking another personal injury law firm (preferably not one of your biggest competitors) if they will publish your blog on their website. Reciprocal posting of blogs is a great way to build networking.

All of the above suggestions to promote your personal injury blog are important to promote your business. However, remember that you must write compelling, interesting, relevant, and well-written blogs; otherwise, you could appear unprofessional, boring, or just plain mediocre.

If you want or need assistance with your personal injury blogs or any other marketing material, give us a call at Group Matrix. Our staff of writers, programmers, artists, and developers can help you with any and all aspects of your marketing campaign.