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Facebook Post Boost for Attorneys

Facebook post boosts: what are they and can they help your personal injury law firm’s business? 

Depending upon your own advertising experience with Facebook, you may or may not know what a boosted Facebook post is and whether it has a value for your personal injury law firm.

For the most part, boosting one or more of your posts on Facebook is rather easy and even a person not experienced with the process can easily learn it.

What is the value of a boosted Facebook post?

One of the ways you can advertise your personal injury law business is to boost a post on your Facebook page. Doing this can get you more exposure, messages, video views, leads, followers or calls.

Boosting a post can also make your posts show up higher in the newsfeeds of your targeted audience, as well as helping your current followers see more of your posts.

In addition, if you have a post that is doing well and has a lot of engagement, boosting that post will likely help it do even better in driving leads to your website.

If you have limited money budgeted for advertising, boosting a post makes a lot of financial sense.

How do you boost a Facebook post?

First off you must have a Facebook Business Page that allows you to advertise. Once you have one, be sure you have a two-step authentication set up.  You can do this by uploading the Duo or Google Authentication app. To can get started just follow these simple directions.

  • Click the Boost button at the bottom right of the post you want boosted (or hit “Promote” at the top of your page).
  • Fill in the appropriate details for your ad; for example, Audience, Total Budget, Duration, and Payment Method.
  • Section “Boost” and you’re done.

If you want, you can edit your boosted post, view the results for your posted post, or schedule a boosted post on Facebook Business Suite Desktop.

Is Facebook post boosting the best option for advertising your personal injury law firm?

We’ve discussed the pros of boosting your posts for increased coverage of your personal injury law firm, but it’s important for you to decide whether this is the best option for your budgeted marketing dollars.

  • Understand that you have limited targeting options: people who like your Page (your followers), people who like your Page and their friends, and people you can choose through targeting are the only options you’re given; thus, who you can reach is limited.
  • You can’t choose where you want to place your ads. The default option is both Desktop and Mobile News Feeds. Facebook algorithms tend to use the majority of your budget on mobile news feeds because it’s the least expensive way to go; however, your lead potential may be using a computer and could only see the boosted post on Desktop News Feeds.
  • You have to have some experience with marketing to choose the proper demographics for your Facebook Boosted ad. You also need good, professional images, properly written content, and calls-to-actions to get good results.

Unsure of where to go from here? Call a marketing expert. That’s where we come in. If you need help deciding whether Facebook post boosting is the best way to advertise your personal injury law firm on Facebook, give us a call at Group MatrixAs an experienced and professional marketing agency, we can help you with any of your digital and traditional marketing needs.

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