Can Facebook ad campaigns help grow your personal injury law firm?

Facebook ad campaigns for lawyers

If you’re not already advertising your personal injury law firm practice using Facebook ad campaigns, you might want to consider the possibility. More than two billion people use Facebook every month. Many of your past and current clients are on Facebook, as are many leads and potential clients. It makes sense then to acquaint yourself […]

How to create a full-funnel experience on LinkedIn


  For personal injury attorneys, the whole idea is to allow you to create a more effective ad strategy and maintain control of your full marketing funnel, i.e., the marketing model, from start to finish, that you create to get someone to become a client. How to create a full-funnel experience on LinkedIn To create […]

How to promote your personal injury law firm’s Facebook business page


Facebook has come a long way from being simply a site for friends and family to keep in touch. It’s become the leading social media platform for building businesses, including personal injury law firms.  If you don’t already have a Facebook business page for your law firm, you should create one. If you do have […]

Best Facebook posting practices for personal injury attorneys


It’s difficult to keep up with all the changes that can affect the success of your social media marketing campaigns. All the platforms keep changing their algorithms, each in their own way. However, do not despair. The basic platforms remain the same. What you have to update periodically is using the best social media posting […]

How to boost your personal injury law firm’s brand on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is not as talked about as some other social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have enormous potential value for your personal injury law firm. More than 650 million people have profiles on this platform, people who are largely educated and professional. As one expert defined its value, “LinkedIn is a simple, […]

What is the difference between marketing and advertising?


To understand what Group Matrix and other marketing companies can do for your personal injury law firm, it’s important to understand the difference between marketing and advertising both on- and off-line. Although they have the same goals of getting your business services and messaging to the right audience, there are important distinctions. Marketing, by its very definition, […]

Do you know the difference between Google Display and Google Search ads?

Investing your hard-earned money in digital advertising means you need to understand all the different types of platforms available to your personal injury law firm promotion. In this article we’ll talk about the difference between Google display ads and Google search ads so that you can understand their differences and decide which ones you might […]