How to create a full-funnel experience on LinkedIn


  For personal injury attorneys, the whole idea is to allow you to create a more effective ad strategy and maintain control of your full marketing funnel, i.e., the marketing model, from start to finish, that you create to get someone to become a client. How to create a full-funnel experience on LinkedIn To create […]

How to grow your personal injury law firm’s email list


One of the best ways to engage with your past, present, and future clients, as well as other interested parties, is an email strategy. Email is still an extremely viable marketing tactic that should be part of your personal injury law firm’s digital marketing campaign, especially if you have a relatively smaller business with a […]

Email marketing campaigns for your personal injury law firm

The point of all marketing campaigns is to get your personal injury law firm noticed so that potential clients will remember your brand when they need your services. Email marketing is an often over-looked way to advertise your personal injury law firm, yet it is extremely cost-effective with an impressive return on investment (ROI). Studies […]

How to improve your personal injury law firm blog


We’ve addressed the importance of having a blog on your personal injury law website before in previous articles. Today we will discuss how you can improve your personal injury firm’s blog. One of the reasons blogs are so important to your website is because having changing content on your site is important to how Google and other search engines […]

How to market your personal injury firm during Covid-19

We have written previously about the importance of keeping your marketing strategy active during the Covid-19 crisis. Face-to-face meetings for many are out for now, and predictably web traffic went up 27% since March, when Coronavirus took a real hold in this country. This statistic alone shows us the importance of making the best use […]