What are the important marketing mistakes your personal injury law business should avoid?


Marketing your personal injury law firm is essential to maintaining and growing your business. To have a successful marketing plan, you have to know how to do it correctly and which marketing mistakes you need to avoid. What marketing mistakes should your personal injury law business avoid? The following are common mistakes many businesses, including […]

Jingle. What’s so Hard about that?


The debate over the use of Jingles in advertising is as old as music itself. Like many assumptive facts proof is anecdotal.  Like many style questions there is digital evaluation aplenty on the issue. The Atkinson-Shiffren Study of 1968 proposes a structure to human memory and how it retains information. Today it seems self evident because […]

How to create empathy in your personal injury marketing strategy


Advertising is based on human emotions. In the field of personal injury law, showing empathy to your clients and prospective clients is essential, both in direct communications and in your marketing strategy. The people you deal with are injured, frightened, insecure, and likely in pain. Without compassion, empathy and kindness, you may end up with […]