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Understanding chatbot terminology for your personal injury website

If you already have or are considering getting a chatbot for your personal injury law firm’s website, you may need a vocabulary primer. From AI to neural networks, a new world of terminology is upon us.

A chatbot dictionary for beginners

If you are a beginner in the chatbot world and need to understand the more common vocabulary bandied about, we want to save you time from having to Google them. None are hard to understand, once a definition and a context are given. 

  • Chatbot: Your probably already know what this is, but let’s start at the beginning. A chatbot is simply automated software that imitates human communication via text or voice, using websites and mobile messaging apps. They are important as they can usually answer visitors’ questions and get the information they need without having to speak with a real person.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI is a machine’s ability, in this case a computer, to mimic human intelligence and behaviors by making decisions and performing tasks.
  • Machine Learning (ML): ML is a part of AI and refers to the ability of a program to learn, without programming. It adapts itself to new data through the use of algorithms. The more it is used, the more experienced it gets, and the better able to answer more and more questions a user may have.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): NLP is a branch of AI that assists computers in reading, understanding and making sense of the human language. It helps chatbots understand the context and meaning of a user’s message so that the chatbot can react appropriately to it, using proper sentences in a text or conversational format.
  • Attributes: These are collections of information (name, email address, phone number) that a chatbot collects in the course of talking with a user so that it can personalize its responses. It may ask the user’s name and then uses the name throughout the “conversation.”
  • Chat widget: This type of widget is a ready-to-use customizable chat window that you add to a website. It acts as a host to your chatbot and lets visitors communicate with it.
  • Deep Learning: A machine’s capacity to learn on its own simply from data, without programming and without algorithms.
  • Entity Extraction: Entity extraction improves the user experience as it analyzes specific information from a text so that it can complete a task, like responding with appropriate information to a user’s question.
  • Fallback: When a chatbot doesn’t understand a user’s input, it has a default reaction called a “fallback.” It will respond to the user by saying something like, “I missed what you said. Could you please repeat it?”
  • Keywords: These are the words that are used to trigger a particular action or response in a chatbot.
  • Live Chat: This feature pauses the automated chatbot so that a real human can “talk” or message with a user.
  • Neural Networks: Through algorithms, these networks reflect the behavior of the human brain, permitting computer programs to recognize patterns and solve common problems in the world of AI. It is vital for deep learning.
  • Transfer: This is an action redirecting the chatbot to a live chat agent. It is frequently triggered when the chatbot can’t answer the user’s question.
  • Voicebot: This is a type of chatbot that simulates voice-based communication between a human and a machine. Popular examples are Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.

If you need help with understanding how a chatbot can help your personal injury law firm, please give us a call at Group Matrix. As an experienced and professional marketing agency, we can help you with any of your digital and traditional marketing needs.

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