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How your personal injury law firm can get Google to remove a negative review

Usually, if your personal injury law firm should receive a negative Google review, your best bet is to respond honestly to the reviewer about the complaint. The truth is that there’s always someone who is going to be dissatisfied. As long as you answer with honesty and sincerity, chances are you can overcome the effect of that piece of bad press.

However, if a review is inappropriate, a political or social commentary, or someone’s personal rant, you can work with Google to try and have it removed.

How can you work with Google to remove a negative review?

There are several steps you will want to take to try and get Google to remove a negative review.

  • Begin by reading the guidelines before flagging a review to ensure that it does, in fact, violate Google’s policies. Here you will find the different types of content that Google labels as prohibited and restricted. They include such categories as spam, fake content, illegal content, terrorist content, sexually explicit content, danger or derogatory content, conflict of interest, and offensive content.
  •  If you believe a review falls into any of the categories, find the review and click the “flag” icon above it to report it.
  • To find the offending review, start by logging into your Google My Business Account to load your business profile. Then locate the business profile you want to remove the review for.
  • To get to the review, go to the left-hand menu at the top of the page and select “Reviews.” There you’ll be able to scroll down to the review you want to remove. If there are any responses to that review, remove them first.
  • To flag the review once you’ve located it, click on the dots in the upper right-hand corner and click “Flag as inappropriate.”
  • From here, you just need to follow Google’s prompts that ask you what policy was violated and asks for why you want to flag the review. Should you not find a category that matches perfectly, just click the “offensive” choice. Then click “Report” and you’re done until, you receive an email from Google informing you of the status of your removal request.

What to do if Google refuses to remove the negative review

If Google deems that the review did not violate any of its criteria and won’t remove the post, you can still take some action by replying to the reviewer. 

  • Respond to the reviewer and calmly write why you feel the review is not legitimate. This will help others who read that review understand your perspective. Hopefully, this will neutralize the effect of the negative review and make others agree that the criticism was not warranted. 
  • Reach out to the negative reviewer and offer to not only explain your point of view, but ask them to contact you to discuss the reason for their dissatisfaction. This will show that you’re coming from a caring, non-defensive place and will again help neutralize the review.

By taking the high road when you get a negative review that Google won’t remove, you will still be in a position to enhance your reputation by showing your professionalism and willingness to try and resolve any difficulty.

If you have any questions about this article or need help responding to your personal injury law firm’s reviews, give us a call at Group Matrix. We can advise you on a number of ways about actions you may need to take to increase the positives in your reputation management.

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