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What are the best ways to get likes for Instagram personal injury posts?

Just as in any other social media platform, “likes” for a post do matter. They are an indicator of reader presence and acknowledgement, user engagement, and brand popularity. Therefore, your personal injury Instagram “likes” is an indicator of how well you are reaching out to potential clients, past clients, and other interested parties.

How to get more likes for your personal injury law firm’s Instagram posts

Given the importance of getting likes on Instagram, the following are suggestions for increasing their numbers.

  • Use a precise hashtag strategy: Using the right hashtags can help you connect with not only potential clients, but with others who are following particular hashtag topics. It’s advised not to use more than10 hashtags in one post. Be sure you research hashtag strategies to come up with the best hashtags for your particular law firm and its niche.

Some of the current popular hashtags for personal injury attorneys include the following:

#personalinjury #lawyer #attorney #caraccident #law #personalinjurylawyer #personalinjuryattorney #lawfirm #accident #legal #lawyers #justice #slipandfall #lawyersofinstagram #injury #lawyerlife #personalinjurylaw #attorneyatlaw #injured #attorneys #litigation #autoaccident #carcrash #lawsuit #familylaw #insurance #wrongfuldeath #caraccidents #crash

  • Use tags: Always highlight the important people in your post by tagging them. Not only are you giving credit to them, but these tags can result in others who follow them on Instagram liking and commenting on your posts. In addition, you can ask visitors to tag a friend in the comments section, if they think that person would be interested in the post.
  • Use well-written and compelling captions: Be sure your caption captures the tone and voice of your photos or images, and try to create an expectation with your visitors. Good captions should add personality and context to your post so that they will engage your followers.
  • Use a tag(s) to show your location: Tagging your location is very important for your personal injury law firm, as it will inform your audience about which geographical areas your practice covers.
  • Post different types of content: As Instagram has grown, it has developed several new features such as Stories and Reels. By using Instagram’s various features, you can cross promote your personal injury law firm, garnering more likes from those who  may prefer a particular type of feature.
  • Use contests to generate engagement and brand awareness: Offer movie tickets or two free meals at a restaurant to garner interest and engage your audience. It won’t cost your law firm that much, and the benefits of brand awareness should be well worth it.
  • Know the best time to post: Study your own analytics to see when your audience views your Instagram posts. In general, but not a sure thing, the best time to post is 11 a.m. on Wednesdays. You can try it and see if that works for you.
  • Post user-generated content: Re-post a post from one of your followers. It will not only excite and please the follower, but it shows that you care about and are connected to your community.
  • Engage with others who post: If you want likes, then you know others want and need them too. That will endear you to the poster and get your name out there, as well.
  • Use entertaining memes: People need, like and want to be entertained. That’s why memes account for so much of Instagram’s overall content. Even though personal injury law is serious business, it won’t hurt to show that you have a good sense of humor. People will appreciate it.
  • Ask for people’s opinions: Asking for audience opinions in the caption is a great way to get likes and engage your audience.
  • Check out your competitors’ posts: Check out your competitors’ posts to see what works and what doesn’t work. See how many likes they are getting, the types of content and photos they post, and the hashtags they use. This should help you hone what you should do on Instagram.

If you need help setting up an Instagram account, getting more likes, or help with Instagram features and/or other social media platforms, give us a call at Group Matrix. We can help you with any and all aspects of your social media campaign.

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