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How to maintain a low bounce rate for your personal injury law firm’s website using engaging content

Attracting website visitors is one thing. Getting them to stay there for a while is another. If a website is boring and unimaginative, the bounce rate (the number of people who leave a site quickly) will be high. In order to avoid this for your personal injury law business, you want to have constantly new material, like blogs, and other compelling content that will hold the interest of your website visitors.

Engaging content ideas for your personal injury law firm’s website

Here are a few ideas you might want to consider incorporating into your personal injury law office’s website. The idea is to keep the interest of your visitors so that they will stay on your website longer. The desired end results are brand awareness (top of mind awareness), education, and ultimately new clients.

  • Case Histories: Writing about case histories is an excellent way to convey what services you provide, the process of settling a personal injury claim, what techniques you use, and the successful results. Well-written and interesting case studies can easily sway a potential client into making a decision to hire your personal injury law firm.
  • Ebooks: Having ebooks on your website can offer an important purpose – having content that is relevant and of value to a visiting potential client. By writing clear, insightful ebooks on different kinds of personal injury subjects can educate visitors about their own circumstances. An educated visitor is likely to be converted to a contact with your office, and then hopefully, become a client.
  • Interviews: Think about interviewing community leaders and those in the field of law. It can be personal injury law, or it could be up-coming or newly enacted laws that affect the citizens in your local or geographical area. For example interviewing a state legislator can garner respect for you and your law firm and be a boon to your business.
  • Podcasts: Easy to create, podcasts can help you generate traffic by reaching new audiences who may need your personal injury law services now and in the future. Podcasts are a way to explain the services of your personal injury law firm and the nature of personal injury law. Some truly prefer listening to something rather than reading something; this can be a great way to engage potential clients.
  • Resource Page: Having a page dedicated to linked resources for victims of personal injury law can be of great value for visitors to your website. You can list any page or website that would be of interest or value to a potential client. By doing this, you not only increase the changes of converting visitors to clients, but you prove your authority in the field. Both authority and linking can greatly affect your ranking position on the search engines.
  • How-to articles: How-to articles are very popular, no matter the field or subject. In the case of personal injury law, how-to articles can include what to do in the event of an accident, how to choose a personal injury attorney, how to respond in a deposition, how to give testimony in court, etc. The possibilities are endless.
  • Opinion pieces: Don’t be shy about expressing your opinion on such things as tort reform or other aspects that could affect the practice of personal injury law. Voicing your beliefs and explaining why you feel the way you do can garner free advertising of your brand and respect for your knowledge and impact of the law.
  • Videos: The key to all marketing is making an emotional connection. Videos have the magical power to do just that. Videos can show your potential clients what you look like, your manner of speaking and communication, and they can get a good idea of what you will be like in person. Videos really let you personalize your personal injury practice and allow you to engage viewers on a more personal level.
  • Infographics: Infographics are a great way for explaining a concept – they contain information through both text and graphics. They are an exceptional way of explaining a complicated concept or a series of actions.

Making your site more engaging is a win-win proposition. You can use your personal injury website to educate and help people while professionally advertising the services and name of your law office.

If you need help with any aspect of your personal injury law website, give us a call at Group Matrix. Our staff of programmers, artists, developers, and writers can design your website to be relevant, compelling, and engaging.

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