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prevent negative reactions to your website

How to prevent negative reactions to your personal injury law firm’s website

In many of our articles about building a successful website, we emphasize what to do right. In this article, we take a little different tack and discuss how to prevent negative reactions to your personal injury law firm’s website by pointing out what not to do.

How to prevent negative reactions to your personal injury law firm’s website

The following discusses what you should avoid doing within your personal injury law firm’s website that can turn visitors off and aid them in seeking other representation.

  • Inconsistent Design Themes: The design theme should not be inconsistent throughout your website. If you fail to maintain the look and feel of your website, with all kinds of different design themes including various scheme-styles, inconsistent navigation and writing style, you risk confusing your visitors, as they try to settle into the comprehension of what you are all about.
  • Failure to proofread your website content: Nothing can help you more to appear as a non-professional law firm than copy that includes spelling and typographical errors. As a personal injury attorney, it is essential that your website visitors not be turned off by mistakes. Such errors can truly affect peoples’ first impression of your law firm, creating a high bounce rate as they leave your site for that of your competition. 

Along the same lines are linking errors. If visitors click on a link and it doesn’t work, or goes to the wrong page, it frustrates them and can cause them to leave the site.

  • Not checking to see if your site has a slow upload speed: Nothing can frustrate a site visitor more than a website that loads ever-so slowly. In today’s world of online activity, users expect fast results. If they have to wait too long for a website or page to load, they will become impatient and leave the site.
  • Using the wrong type of photographs: Don’t use photographs that are generic, static or insincere. Because we are all instinctively drawn to human faces, it’s important that any photos of people you use on your personal injury law site come across as accessible, and true-to-life.
  • Using background music: Hearing music in the background of a website is very distracting for visitors who are trying to read, focus, and understand the content of your website. Save the music for ads and promos.
  •  Using horizontal scrolling: Don’t. Just don’t. The only time you want to use horizontal scrolling is for a slide presentation. Most people are used to scrolling down a website, not across.
  • Using too many colors and too many typefaces: Avoid the use of too many colors and too many different typefaces. They can throw off the whole visual balance of your website and can make it difficult for visitors to concentrate on the website content.
  • Failing to make navigation easy: If your site’s navigation is cumbersome and confusing, your visitors are not going to like it. The main purpose of coming to your personal injury law firm’s website is to find information of value to them. If they have trouble finding what they need and are looking for, you can say, “Bye, bye” quickly.

The preceding tips of what not to do are very important for your personal injury law business’ growth. People seeking you out are injured and usually in pain. They need to find comprehensible and relevant information quickly so they will know what to do about so many things that have been affected by their personal injury accident. These leads will be sidelined if those seeking your help have to work to get it. Simplify and make their lives a little bit easier.

If you need help creating, or updating your personal injury law website, give us a call at Group Matrix. Our staff of programmers, artists, developers, and writers can design or re-design your website to be relevant, compelling, and engaging to achieve a higher conversion rate.

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